Logo VTSergeant Major Kyle E. LambOur RAND lubricants and greases are supported and endorsed by Sergeant Major Kyle E. Lamb, who is the founder and CEO of Viking Tactics. Kyle spent more than 21 years with the United States Army, more than 15 years of which were with Special Operations Forces of the United States.

He has taken part in combat operations in numerous theatres of operation, including Mogadishu and Somalia (based on which the movie “Black Hawk Down” was made, The Black Hawk Down incident).

Moreover, Lamb is a highly sought after military and law enforcement trainer. The effect of our cooperation is Viking Tactics logo on all of Rand products.


XG Momentum is recommended and used by Surge Downhill City Team that includes the most successful bikers in their class. The team practices the toughest bike racing – MTB (mountain bike marathon) which makes their testimonials carry considerable weight.


WITW logoThe quality and excellent performance of Rand products have also been recognized by the representatives of a non-profit organization – Warriors In The Workplace – that brings together former members of the uniformed services and the United States Army; provides professional training courses; supports veterans and equips military units with safety-improving equipment. XG RAND products have obtained their permission to use their logo.

All of the XG RAND products have a recommendation of USDA – United States Department of Agriculture. The certificates and conformity marks granted by the Department are confirmation that XG lubricants and greases are environment-friendly.


cyklo logo mainImpressions after applying grease – dry road conditions – the Tricity Bicycle Association “CYKLO”:

Biking – the lubricant was applied before 120 km training; despite its consistency the lubricant firmly sticks to the chain; in dry conditions its application is sufficient for a minimum of 300 km. 10/10.

Cleaning drivetrain – cleaning the chain from grease before the next application is quick and easy 9/10.

Application – convenient packaging; we were pleasantly surprised that the cap does not need to be completely removed in order to apply the lubricant, thanks to this, e.g. before the competition, or in the morning before “the last minute” training we can avoid looking for a cap to close the bottle once we apply the lubricant – points for the package 10/10.