test and review by SFC Keith WallerOver the last month, 

I had the opportunity to put RAND CLP, made by RAND Brands, through the ultimate test of endurance and performance.

I ran the product through a series of weapons throughout a 10 day, high paced, high volume shooting, Combat Marksmanship Course.

These weapons included the Colt M4, Smith & Wesson M&P 15, Glock 19, Berretta M9, and the Glock 17. After the rigorous daily shooting sessions, not only myself, but the 15-20 individuals who used RAND CLP, were thoroughly impressed, and won over by this product, which lives up to every claim it advertises.

I was able to run RAND CLP through a variety of controlled tests and samplings. These tests were done comparing RAND to other commonly used CLP’s offered on the market. The differences, quality and proficiency in which RAND worked, was clear as day when put up next to other CLPs.

Here is a snap shot and explanation of some of the tests I was able to conduct using RAND CLP.

Over the 10 day shooting instruction, 5 individuals used RAND CLP exclusively, while 5 other individuals used one of the following: G96, Green Oil, Miltech, Otis CLP, M-Pro 7 Gun Oil or Break Free. These individuals were instructed to do a basic wipe down of the bolt and bolt carrier for their rifles, also the slide mechanisms for their pistols. The group using RAND quickly discovered the ease and quickness they could conduct these wipe downs. It easily cut their time spent wiping off and removing built up carbon in half, compared to the group using the other common CLP’s.

Another difference between the two groups was the comments from the group using RAND. On a daily basis, these individuals were greatly impressed with the thickness of the product. They appreciated how if you wanted to use CLP on your bolt, bolt carrier or slide, that’s where the CLP stayed and worked effectively. The guys using the RAND CLP quickly felt the difference of using this uncommon, highly effective product. They physically felt the ease of the slide move back and forth with less friction. The RAND group applied a light coat of RAND CLP after wipe down each morning and this lasted them all day, even with shooting over an average of 2,100 rounds a day. Again, that’s over 2,000 rounds a day, with only one morning application of RAND CLP. UNBELIEVABLE!

In contrast, the group using the other CLP’s applied a good amount of their product to their weapons in the morning. After that application, they had to go back to the table and use a rag to wipe down the thin, runny CLP, as it would run out of the applied areas and seep through the slide creases, upper and lower receiver creases and run down the pistol grips making their grips slick and affecting their shooting. On average, this group applied CLP to their weapons 4-5 times a day, over the same course of firing as the group using RAND.

użycie Rand CLP przed i po

An individual using a Glock 19 and G96 CLP was routinely having malfunctions with his pistol after about 250-300 rounds. The pistol would become sluggish and have “stove pipes” where the casing doesn’t fully eject and gets stuck in the slide, or a double feed. The individual took the pistol, stripped it down and cleaned it off using RAND CLP removing excess carbon with ease. He then applied a light coat of RAND CLP to the pistol and resumed firing. The pistol fired flawlessly not only for the rest of that day but the entire next day of training, which included 900-1000 rounds total. Not a single malfunction after applying RAND CLP.

There were a few other occasions where a guy would be having routine malfunctions with his rifle or pistol, and after trying multiple trouble-shooting approaches the individual began applying RAND CLP, which 85-90 percent of the time would resolve the persistent malfunctions that the weapon was having.

Here are some of the highlights that not only myself, but the 20 guys who were able to experience using RAND CLP noted:

The odorless smell is almost too good to be true. After dealing with normal, average CLP’s with strong scents and smells for the past decade.
The thickness of RAND CLP allows for easy use and application. It enhanced the ability to handle the weapon system without the CLP running out of the areas it was applied to and onto the grips of the weapons.
You can feel the difference of the slide and bolt action when using RAND CLP as opposed to any other CLP that I have ever used.
Very impressed with how long the CLP lasts and continues to work effectively after multiple days of firing.
The amount of CLP needed with RAND’S product is a fraction of the amount needed with other CLP’s. This equals using less of your bottle, saving you money in the long run, which is always a plus.
The cleaning experience with RAND CLP was quick and for the most part effortless. It got the job done in a fraction of the time it takes using other CLP’s.
Bottom line, if you are a professional who relies on a firearm of any kind for their job, livelihood and well being, or just a gun enthusiast who loves to shoot for sport or practice. RAND CLP is a product you should not ignore. This product, in my opinion, is a game changer and one-of-a-kind. There is nothing on the market even close to replicating RAND CLP and its nano technology.

It is something you need to take advantage of and get your hands on. You deserve it, and so does the weapon you carry and use.

SFC Keith Waller
Special Forces Weapons Sergeant