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xg momentumXG MOMENTUM Nanoparticle infused bicycle lubricant 118 ml

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Nano XG MOMENTUM is based on nano-lubricant for firearms – RAND CLP, which was first used by Special Force soldiers.

The creation of this product was preceded by a period of more than 7 years of research and development work on RAND nanoparticle infused lubricants for firearms, conducted by an international team of scientists who have been awarded over 120 patents in the United States.

RAND CLP offers the lowest friction point that is close to zero on the market. This is an unprecedented result which has not been achieved so far by any other product of its kind. The coefficient of friction of Rand lubricant was tested at the end of the year 2011 and at the beginning of 2012 in the US using a Falex Four Ball Wear machine.

Within one hour, the coefficient of friction dropped to 0.017 – which is the lowest measure XG could find in scientific literature.

Another laboratory test performed using Pin & Vee Block testing equipment confirmed that by covering metal with our product, you can achieve surprisingly effective results – protection against wear and tear, rust, dirt, jamming, sticking and creaking.

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XG MOMENTUM is NON-TOXIC – thanks to eco-friendly and nonsynthetic ingredients it does not emit harmful and toxic substances. It is safe for you and the environment.

1. How does XG MOMENTUM work to clean and protect my bicycle?

XG MOMENTUM is a proprietary blend of nano-compounds that creates a unique protective film on metal surfaces. We are talking about particles so small that they can get into the pores and crevices in metal.

Nano-compounds, i.e. tiny particles exhibit previously undiscovered properties. Our proprietary formula, used in XG MOMENTUM, lowers heat and friction between metal moving parts in a bike as well as prevents oxidation and rust.


Our product creates a liquid barrier between metal parts allowing them to move more easily and repel dirt, grime, dust, salt and other impurities.

2. Is XG MOMENTUM™ considered wet or dry lubricant?

Since our nanoparticles are suspended in a vegetable base oil (eco-friendly), XG MOMENTUM will offer outstanding long lasting performance in all weather and temperature conditions. The nanoparticles bond to the metal providing a “super slick” surface that does not wash away and dry out. Whether it’s the coldest winter day, a rainy autumn ride or trailblazing through summer heat, XG MOMENTUM™ will not gum up, lose its properties, get sticky or dry out.

3. Where should I apply XG MOMENTUM on my bicycle?

XG MOMENTUM will clean and lubricate all parts of the bicycle: chains, cogs, rings, derailleurs, pins and rolls; anything with moving metal. In addition it will displace and then repeal water, salt and dirt keeping the metals parts lubricated for hours and hours of riding. And never fear if it gets on tires, rims or bicycle seats – it will not stain or harm any other parts of the bicycle. XG MOMENTUM™ is almost odorless and thus a pleasure to use.

4. How does XG MOMENTUM stack up to the competition?

We have tested XG MOMENTUM against other products on the market in the lab and in the field. It performs significantly better and in lab tests displayed a significantly lower coefficient of friction (the amount of friction produced between metal) than any other product or compound. 5. Will XG MOMENTUM dry out? No. It is not water based. It is a rare combination of vegetable oil and nano compounds (including boron ester which reduces heat in metal) that gives our product unusual staying power.

Technical parameters supported by research:

  • Minimum operating temperature – below –40°C
  • Nanoparticles
  • Boron nanoparticles
  • Protection against corrosion, dust, dirt
  • Lubricates
  • Greases
  • Cleans
  • Removes rust
  • Non-toxic
  • Odorless
  • Impact on wood and plastic – neutral
  • Does not contain paraffin that solidifies and lowers lubrication parameters at low temperatures

Logo-Surge-DownHill-City-ver.2During this year’s edition of the Downhill competition (2016), we sponsored Surge Downhill City Team. The Team gave us a lot of satisfaction and reasons to be proud by repeatedly taking place on the podium. We look forward to the next season and exciting performances of talented bikers of the younger generation.

On the basis of Nano-lubricant for firearms RAND CLP, XG Industries (manufacturer) is currently developing the most technologically advanced greases and lubricants intended for the civilian market for, among others: bicycles, cars, boats and household appliances.

XG RAND made in USA

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