XG Ten 4 oz. Spray

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Our Goal is to Provide a More Durable, Longer lasting, Eco-Friendly Lubricant Alternative for Use in All Home and Garage Applications.

What is XG TEN?

XG TEN is a nanoparticle infused, non-toxic, eco-friendly household lubricant that was designed specifically for use throughout your home, garage and outdoor applications. We have spent over five years in research and development on XG TEN, and it is used to reduce friction, wear, rust and corrosion on metal.

How Does XG TEN Work?

XG TEN uses patented, revolutionary new nanotechnology to create a unique, long lasting protective coating on metal surfaces. The nanoparticles fill in and smooth out the small imperfections in the surface of metal, which creates a smoother, more polished surface. These polished surfaces reduce heat, friction, and wear generated by moving metal parts, and prevent rust, corrosion, and oxidation.

How Does XG TEN Compare To The Competition?

We have tested XG TEN against competing products both in the lab and in the field. Having the lowest coefficient of friction on record, we have created the most effective household lubricant available today. Being non-toxic and virtually odorless, XG TEN is garage tough and household safe.

Will XG TEN Dry Out?

No. XG TEN is not a water based lubricant, so it will not wash off or dry out. XG TEN is a biosynthetic base oil combined with our proprietary formulation of nanoparticles that create a bond with the metal surface it is applied to; this bond is durable and long lasting, and completely non-toxic.

Why Does XG TEN Last So Long?

Our patented formula of nanoparticles mixed with a bio-synthetic base oil fills in microscopic cracks in the metal it is applied to. This bond works to smooth the surface of the metal, creating a much more polished and friction free environment. Because the nanoparticles actually attach themselves to the metal, they do not wash off or wipe away as conventional petroleum or silicone based lubricants will.

What Makes XG TEN Better?

XG TEN is completely non-toxic and eco-friendly. It is produced from naturally occuring elements, contains no petroleum based or other toxic chemicals, and is virtually odorless. You can keep it under your kitchen sink, and still rely on it to tackle the stickiest jobs in your garage.